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A documentary Wedding Photography, for me, is about weaving the images together to tell the story of your wedding day.  This style of photography captures the most candid moments of your wedding day as they unfold naturally.  I shall focuses on capturing the emotions, interactions, and details of the day as they happen, without any manipulation or staging.

Documentary Wedding Photography should be discreet and blend into the background, thus allowing me to capture real moments often missed by the couple and guests.  They work to create a visual story of the day, from the preparation to the ceremony to the reception and everything in between.  They capture the laughter, tears, and joy of the day, creating images that are natural, real, and full of emotion.


Choosing the wedding photographer that is right for you can often be a difficult decision.  You want a photographer that you feel comfortable with in every situation during your wedding day.  In my experience of photographing weddings over the years, is that it is so important to me that the bride and groom feel completely at ease with me around.   


Wherever you are in Yorkshire and whatever type of wedding you are planning, we can capture the essence of your wedding with photographs that truly tell a story of your special day. 


We will work with you to create photographs that reflect entirely your desired vision, atmosphere and ambiance.

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